Augustów Meadery was created from the combination of passion for tree beekeeping and home mead making. We decided to restore the forgotten mead making tradition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. That is why we offer our customers original drinks that delighted our ancestors.
Do you want to get to know us better? Take a look at About us! If you are interested in our Traditional Meads, Zbicien (Session Meads) or Podpiwek (non-alcohol fermented honey drink), please visit Our Products and Shop.
We have made our offer to meet the different tastes of our customers. That is why we can offer drinks of various tastes. You may delight in our sweet and semi-sweet drinks with clear, fruity notes. Also you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for something more dry or spicy. We encourage you to visit Our Products and get acquainted with our offer!

We produce meads and other regional drinks with attention to every detail. A proven, refined recipe is just the beginning. The basis in our Meadery is honey that we buy from trusted suppliers. Extremely important are also local best-quality gifts of the Augustów Forest, that we collect with our own hands. All those things help us create our unique products.