The idea for starting Augustow Meadery comes from our activity as treebeekeepers and with the desire to share our experience in home mead making. Same as treebeekeeping, mead making is an old beautiful tradition that was set aside with popularization of cheaper and more commercial way of production. Meads were ousted from the market by much more cheaper wine and other alcohol products. Honey is the most expensive and precious raw material for production of alcohol that could be found on this planet. We opened Augustow Meadery to uphold this beautiful tradition in our region and to continue traditional way of mead production that our country was famous for in the past. We use only natural raw materials for our production that were collected from Augustów Forest or neighbouring areas of Poland and Lithuania. Part of the income we dedicate to Treebeekeeping Brotherhood to support restoration of treebeekeeping culture. Recipes for our meads we take from the reach tradition of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. We want to recreate the flavors that delighted our ancestors. We were the first in Poland who started the production of the forgotten Zbicień (Session mead).

Piotr Piłasiewicz


The idea of creating the Augustów Meadery is for me a development of my passion for treebeekeeping. We are restoring traditions that were formed by the generations of our ancestors and then fell into oblivion. For me personally, meadery is a place where I can realize myself professionally in harmony with my own conscience and character, because when you are in contact with nature, profit is not the most important thing. I knew it already in 2013, when I made the first log hive with my own hands. At the time when it was spontaneously inhabited by the bees, I understood what I would like to connect my life with.

Paweł Kotwica


For more than 15 years I was working as an architect, a professional that creates on the edge of art and technology. That work gave me a great experience in turning my own ideas into real things. After years of realizing dreams of my clients as an architect I decided to realize my own dream – to manufacture the product in harmony with nature and history of the place where I was born and what’s most important in harmony with myself. I gave up the profession of an architect, but the experience I’ve gained helps me now in creation of our Meads in Augustów Meadery.